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Jan. 29th, 2011


welcome TJs fans!

first off, i can't believe there wasn't an existing trader joe's comm already. i searched for communities by interest and found only a community dedicated to aldi's, one of TJs sister store chains.

i've been shopping at TJs for years now but right now they are helping me a great deal in a very busy time in my life. i love how i can serve up great foods very quickly and conveniently. today's lunch was trader joe's chicken and cheese tamales, one of my all-time product faves.

here's what's cooking this week from TJs:

sunday: romaine lettuce mix with (fake) chicken strips with raspberry vinaigrette dressing

monday:  vegetable panang curry

tuesday: vegetable enchiladas

wednesday: chicken drummettes, sweet potato fries, sweet corn (frozen section)

welcome to the comm and feel free to share your menus, recipes, or product recs. or just ask fellow TJs shoppers questions that you have!

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